WHITE THUG Knocks Trump Hat Off Head Of Black Republican In Starbucks. Watch What Employees Do!

WHITE THUG Knocks Trump Hat Off Head Of Black Republican In Starbucks While Employees Stand By and Watch.

Starbucks bent over backwards to make up for calling the police on two black men who were loitering inside of their store. They even went as far as closing stores so employees could go through a diversity training program.

The video of the incident set the internet and fire and went viral. This video of a black republican being harassed by a white thug should get the same attention.

This time, Starbucks employees did nothing to defend the black man from being berated by the white democrat, just as Maxine Waters had ordered him and all other liberals.

Starbucks employees just stood by watching this happen in their store.

This video should be going viral, this is an incident they could have stepped into or called the police for harassment.

Starbucks has yet to address this incident that they allowed to happen in their store. Will they make a huge deal about this Trump Supporting man being harassed by a white democrat? Do they have an answer for not intervening or calling police as he smacked the hat off of this man’s head?

Does anyone recognize this democrat extremist? Here’s a close up photo below:

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