CNN Reporter Spent Days Bashing Trump & Calling Him Racist, Gets Ruined With Huge Bite From Karma

After Spending Days Calling Trump Racist, CNN Reporter Got Caught Insulting Every Immigrant in America.

It has been a normal month for CNN bashing President Trump as usual, but their most recent accusations are that he’s racist and anti-immigrant because he doesn’t want open borders for anyone and everyone to enter.

President Trump has declared himself a “nationalist” because of his love and dedication to America first. In CNN’s eyes, this kind of outlook is “racist.”

CNN reporter Bill Weir went on a social media tirade that ended up smacking him in the face with some good ol’ karma.

This exposes him and other liberals as the actual anti-immigrant group.

Weir’s tirade came in response to Tomi Lahren and her question of how much this caravan would cost Americans.

Weir basically says that immigrants are nothing more than farm workers and housekeepers.

This is the mindset of the well off white liberals… who else will give them cheap labor and clean their toilets if we don’t have immigrants? This thinking falls close to their not so distant history of enslaving a whole other group of people. Remember?

This is the argument of the left EVERY time this comes up.

Who is going to do the labor in America that is simply beneath us higher paid liberals? It’s pretty disgusting, this is what they really think of immigrants coming to America.

Yet, the Republicans are racist??

The president wants to end “chain migration” and instead do “merit-based” immigration to bring in educated, well rounded immigrants.

Why do the democrats hate this?

Maybe because the chain migrating illegal immigrants are a big part of their voting base?

Yeah, probably.


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