Love wins: Push for incest has officially begun

Liberal America is completely of their rocker and the proof comes with the acceptance of… Incest.

That’s right, on top of allowing homosexuals to get married and transgender to use women’s public restrooms, now the left is defending incest in the name of ‘love.’ According to the left no one can control who they love and therefore shouldn’t be subjugated for loving someone that doesn’t fit the ‘norm.’ Apparently liberal ms didn’t realize the vast majority of inappropriate ‘love’ that would come out of the woodwork once it was realized that open acceptance was more important than being civilized and not have sex with your siblings.

Cosmo magazine is known for its far left agenda and the acceptance of one and all, but to publish and support a story that admits to incest and even goes as far as to rationalize how it’s ok, well that’s simply insane.

Via Allen B West:

From The Daily Wire:

Just a little over a week after it said white girls were forbidden to wear Princess Moana costumes for Halloween, Cosmo managed to out-ridiculous itself by normalizing incest.

The recent article titled “This Is What It’s Like to Fall In Love With Your Brother,” profiles the haunting tale of Melissa, who did not know she had a brother for 40 years until just recently. To make a long story short, when Melissa met her long-lost brother, named Brian, she felt immediate attraction to him and the two had sex after just one drink, even though both were married at the time.

WTF! Seriously incest? Now we’re talking about normalizing incest in order to spare the feelings of the sick degenerates that want to sleep with their FAMILY members? What is wrong with democrats?


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