AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT Comes To Detroit…Begs Crowd To Vote For White Democrat Over Successful Black Businessman

AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT Comes To Detroit…Begs Crowd To Vote For White Democrat Over Successful Black Businessman!

Barack Obama traveled to Detroit where they have a large population of African-American citizens and begged the crowd to vote for the four white candidates that will be showing up on the ballot in the upcoming midterm elections.

Included in those four candidates is career politician, Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow. Obama came to speak to the crowd just 11 days ahead of midterm elections where democrats are pushing for their blue wave.

Mike Pence will be rallying with republicans in Detroit on Monday. Detroit is known to struggle with the democrat vote in non-presidential election seasons, so this rally was imperative for Obama.

The democrat ticket is predominantly white in a city that has a majority of African American citizens. Our first black president is who they sent to influence the black community to vote for their majority white democrats.

Obama actually tried to take credit for President Trump’s booming economy while at the rally. Aside from that, his speech focused on race, social injustice and class warfare… as usual.

This is where it gets interesting… For a man that prides himself on uplifting and supporting the minority population, he sure was quick to push democrat candidate Debbie Stabenow over her black Republican opponent, John James.

Republican candidate John James has quite the background to be proud of! He is a former Army Ranger and successful businessman and is turning out to be a popular political candidate.

The career politician Stabenow has never had to fight for her seat. This time around John James is breathing right down her neck, trailing only 6 points behind her.

It’s understandable that the democrats had to pull out the big guns in the race for the Senator of Michigan by bringing Barack Obama out but, it’s ironic at the same time.

For a man that prides himself on being the first black president in America and spent his entire presidency obsessing over race, it’s ironic that he showed up to a predominantly black community to push the white candidates.

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