After Oprah Winfrey Disgustingly Insulted Trump Supporter, His Brutal Response That Left Her Stuttering. WATCH!

Oprah Winfrey tried to insult Trump supporter while hosting ‘60 minutes’ but received a rudeness awakening instead.

While hosting a segment on ‘60 minuets,’ Oprah Winfrey interviewed a Trump-supporter names Matt Wiedenhoeft who’s a teacher and Hockey coach. The subject of Trump’s alleged sh*t hole comment came up and after hearing Matt’s response Oprah proceeded to scream at him and insult his intelligence. What Oprah wasn’t expecting however was the response Matt had waiting for her and to say it was epic would be a gross understatement.


Via Subject Politics:

Oprah singled out Matt Wiedenhoeft, a Trump-supporting teacher and Hockey Coach, with a question that was meant to make him look bad. She asked Matt about this alleged “sh*thole” comment, and asked if he stood by his previous statements that President Trump speaks for people like him.

Wiedenhoeft didn’t back down, saying Pres. Trump wasn’t talking about the PEOPLE from these countries, but rather the countries themselves.

Oprah, who was supposed to be an unbiased moderator, rolled her eyes in a condescending manner and screamed, “MATT! If you’re talking about the Country you’re talking about the people in the country.”

Liberal celebrities truly believe that the country gives a crap what their opinions on politics are, we don’t.

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