Clarence Thomas Just Glared Into The Camera And Said Something That Made Every Leftist Hang Their Heads In Shame

Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, gave an unprecedented interview that ALL Americans should see.

Clarence Thomas is a dignified member of the bench with openly conservative views which is considered a rarity in itself  as he is an African American. When asked to comment on issues of racism such as the removal of Confederate status, Thomas gave an overwhelmingly accurate response that proves his seat is well filled.

Via Liberty Writers:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gave a rare interview for “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News.

Ingraham asked Thomas about his feelings on some of the recent racially charged controversies in the U.S., starting with Thomas’ exclusion from the Smithsonian’s new African American History Museum.

Ingraham went on to ask how he felt about Confederate statues being taken down across the U.S. Thomas gave a wonderful defense of the statues, saying:

“I think that today we seem to think that everything has to be one size fits all and people can’t have opinions that make us uncomfortable, or ideas that make us uncomfortable- that we don’t agree with.”

Realistically, the chances of the entire country coming together with unified feelings on all matters political is just as likely as Kathy Griffin becoming an A-List celebrity and getting her job back hosting the New Year’s Eve Celebration in Time Square.

Racism is in the eye of the beholder and in true Democratic fashion they see in only black and white and claim Republicans to be the racist ones. Hypocritical as per usual.


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