Jeff Sessions Sends Judges Blocking Trump Scurrying Back To Law School With One Brutal Fact

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions, brutally schooled the current Federal Judges who are failing to uphold the law by allowing personal feelings to color their legal verdicts.

Many federal judges have overstepped their positions in the wake of President Trumps stance on illegal immigration by forgetting what they were taught and sworn to uphold while attending law school. Federal judges do NOT have the authority to overturn an Executive order for the sole purpose of ‘not liking it.’

Via Liberty Writers:

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has had enough of the activist federal judges blocking Trump’s policies and sent them runing back to law school with one simple sentence.

“The Constitution gives judges no right to veto a president’s actions because they disagree with him on policy grounds.”

“Today, more and more judges are issuing these lawless nationwide injunctions and in effect, single judges are making themselves super-legislators for the entire United States,” Sessions added to devastating effect.

“We have nearly 600 federal district judges in the United States—each with the ability to issue one of these overreaching nationwide orders.”

Sessions went after one judge in particular for his egregiuos violations, Judge Nicholas Garaufis, who said Trump’s order on DACA was “heartless,” rather than discuss the legality of the order.

As a judge, especially a federal judge, its your duty to remain impartial and deliver a verdict that is from a strictly legal stand point as in ‘was the law actually broken’ or do you simply disagree with it? Being ‘heartless’ has nothing to do with the law and that’s exactly the lesson Sessions decided to teach while discussing the matter at a recent heritage foundation according to Fox News.

“Rather than address that question, the court said the government ‘can’t come into court to espouse a position that is heartless. ‘ He didn’t say it was unlawful. He said, ‘I don’t like your policy.’ A judge’s comments on policy like this is offensive, and it’s disrespectful of the legislative and executive branches and to the fine attorneys in the Department of Justice.”

Boom! A little reeducation was clearly in order, wouldn’t you agree?


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